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  Woodview is a socially responsible entity that places our customers and community at the heart of everything we do. We have very highly qualified Health Care Professional with whom you can reach in minutes.

  Our experienced team are always willing to help with informative product advice. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible service and will do our utmost to source the best possible product suited to your needs.

  Please come in and discuss with us any healthcare needs that you may have. Our friendly and approachable team looks forward to welcoming you at Woodview.

  Our range covers categories such as Pharmacy and Healthcare, Beauty and Cosmetics, Vitamins and Supplements, Personal care, Skincare and more. We take pride in carefully assessing and selecting the best available brands in the world to cater to our customer needs. we are constantly working towards improving our store experience, delivery network, and overall customer service.

About Us
We guarantee you That we will provide
  • Friendly and fast service
  • Products at affordable prices


 At woodview Pharmacy, our people are our pillars of support. The team includes the best licensed pharmacists and skilled personnel. We value diversity in the workforce because it motivates us to be more innovative. Our personnel are up-to-date with the current trends in the medical and healthcare sector. Staff training is conducted by our in-house team of healthcare experts as well as experts from the pharmaceutical industry whom are also invited to train our staff at regular intervals. 

Moreover the warm and courteous service extended by our pharmacists and retail staff enable us to meet every prescription need and effectively serve the needs of our valued clients and customers.

Our Pharmacists
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Our Address

3419 Fairview Street

Burlington, ON L6N 2R4

Tel: (905) 333-0888 •  Fax: (905) 333-2888

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  10AM – 5PM

Friday 10AM - 2PM

Saturday    10AM – 1PM


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